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Welcome to Nauti Sisters Sea Farm, Southern Maine's premier destination for unforgettable coastal experiences! Our female-owned and operated business offers a variety of engaging tours from visiting our oyster farm, to hauling lobster traps to kid oriented experiences. Our tours are designed to showcase the beauty and bounty of Maine's stunning coastline. Whether you're an adventure seeker, a family looking for fun activities, or a couple in search of a romantic evening, we have the perfect tour for you.

Our Tours:

Oyster Farm Tours

Dive into the fascinating world of oyster farming with our immersive Oyster Farm Tours. Learn about sustainable aquaculture practices, witness the oyster farming process up close, and even sample some of the freshest oysters right from the waters of Yarmouth. Perfect for seafood lovers and curious minds alike!

Lobster Demonstration Tours

Join our Lobster Demonstration Tours for an authentic Maine experience. Watch as we demonstrate the art of lobster catching and handling, and gain insight into the lobster industry. This hands-on tour is both educational and fun, making it a hit with visitors of all ages.

Sunset Cruises

Set sail on one of our Sunset Cruises and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Yarmouth's coastal sunsets. Relax and unwind, surrounded by stunning ocean views. Ideal for romantic getaways, celebrations, or simply a relaxing evening on the water.

Kid-Oriented Options

We offer a range of kid-friendly tours that are both educational and entertaining. From interactive marine life explorations to hands-on activities, our tours are designed to engage and inspire young minds. Parents can relax knowing their children are safe, entertained, and learning about the marine environment.

Why Choose Us?

  • Female Owned and Operated: Proudly female-owned, we bring a unique perspective and passion to our tours.
  • Local Expertise: Our guides are knowledgeable locals who love sharing the rich history and culture of Yarmouth.
  • Family-Friendly: We cater to all ages with tours designed to be fun and educational for everyone.
  • Sustainability Focused: Committed to sustainable practices, we aim to protect and preserve the beauty of Maine's coastline.

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